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No Wonder the Average Media Guy Gives Obama a Pass

October 16, 2008

Common sense seems to be rare among main stream media people. So it turns out to be a plumber who asks M. Obama a straightforward question: Under the Obama plan, will his taxes increase if he buys the business he’s been working for for years? Sounds a bit more relevant than “How does it feel to win?” or “What is your favourite movie?”. Unfortunately for the plumber, Obama gave a pretty bad answer to his question, telling him that he wants to “spread the wealth around”.

Joe the Plumber became the symbol of small-business owners in America who will be worse off under Obama’s taxplan (and are not likely to increase their demand for workers as a consequence) during the presidential debate last night.

This didn’t make Obama look very good and his fans decided to do something about it. The man who had the misfortune of asking Obama a question to which he gave a bad answer is now on the blacklist of some Obama proponents.

Maybe he can take comfort in the fact that he’s not the only one.

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