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What You See Is What You Get

October 17, 2008

Remember how M. Obama said that him running for president is proof that he is more qualified to be the president than Sarah Palin (who, after all, was only a mayor of a small town called Alaska)?

If you want to give Obama a chance with this answer you might be tempted to look at how his campaign is run in order to get an idea of how Obama would run the country. (In effect, there is little else he has run that could give any indication on this.) So let’s have a look:

Chaotic schedules and smelly planes, high costs for host cities and Freudian slips, but no hymn due to “miscommunication” (as in “well, we planned to let him sing and told him to be ready, but then dropped him from the schedule”-miscommunication.)

But on the bright side: the presidential seal, the textmessages about the VP choice (that were sent at 3AM so that it looked like adding insult to injury on already defeated Hillary – only by accident, of course), the fake Greek columns in Invesco Field, …

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