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Isn’t It Ironic?

October 22, 2008

It is amazing how people who enjoyed what you would call “world-class education” fail to understand the most obvious things when it comes to M. Obama.

We have intelligent people, some of whom actually get paid for thinking deep thoughts, making the case for M. Obama as president of the United States even while it contradicts their basic political beliefs. And how do they explain their endorsements? They “feel” that he understands the economy, they “hope” that he will not be as leftish as he must be, they find him “electrifying”. Clearly, knock-out arguments to bolster an informed decision.

On the negative side we have conservative women like Heather MacDonald and Kathleen Parker who are so “conservative” that they believe that a woman shouldn’t represent the Republicans – at least not when she doesn’t speak like an introverted intellectual or fails the test that no politician ever had to pass: to always say things that make sense to everyone. Also, they seem to utterly regret the fact that many people actually like Sarah Palin’s character and – gasp – her style! What would the Republican party come to if a woman gets elected for VP whose hairstyle people try to copy!? Stop her, before it’s too late! We’d much rather have an extreme-left president combined with Democrat majorities in Congress.

So while some of those whom you would expect to be the mythical creatures called “the informed voters” are abandoning their political principles in exchange for “Hope” and “Change”, it’s plumbers and construction workers who keep their head on their shoulders even when confronted with the “transformational” M. Obama.

His planned tax system is opaque and the official stump-speech version a distortion of the truth. You might think that someone who gets paid for reporting on such things would have found some time to have a look at this by now. Yet it was only a chance encounter with a certain Joe the Plumber (an impostor and liar who kicks puppies for fun, we learn from the mainstream media) that finally pointed the finger on it by simply asking a straightforward, and for him personally relevant, question.

Another guy on a McCain rally tells the cameras that there’s a contradiction in Obama’s stand on abortion: a Christian who says that he doesn’t need to know when life begins? (While repeatedly voting against the end of a practice equivalent to the Spartans’ habit of throwing babies deemed as unfit off a cliff, I might add.) Yet we have learned people writing op-eds arguing how it is like totally OK to vote for Obama-the-Abortion-Extremist when you are “pro-life” or when you are a catholic.

In the same video appear Tito the Construction Worker and Connie from Antigua (who pays her taxes, as we learn thanks to the intrepid, totally neutral reporter with that keen instinct for relevance), mad at the mainstream media for vetting Joe the Plumber as if he ran for president while we are still left in the dark about M. Obama’s plans to punish employers for not offering health care to their employees, for instance.

There are at least two things pretty ironic here: working-class people are displaying more common sense than intellectuals. And they are also those for whom the honourable Democratic party purportedly is standing up for. Yet when they innocently ask a question about tax policy or happen to disagree with the Democrats’ candidate’s value system, they turn from exploited victims of white folks’ greed to pesky frauds to be subject to immediate character assassination lest they should in any way play a role in the healing dialogue the nation so badly needs after all this division caused by W.

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