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A Study in Contrasts

October 23, 2008

This election’s presidential candidates are a study in contrasts (although M. Obama has gone out of his way to reduce the contrast in appearance for some months now.) It should not be surprising that each candidate attracts different types of voters.

Today I read this about a McCain supporter who is a Marine Sgt. named Jack Eubanks and has fought, and is still fighting, to protect the USA from those who want to destroy her.
A poll from the Military Times suggests that careerists in the military support McCain overwhelmingly.

Now, I’m pretty sure that William Ayers and his wife will pull the lever for Obama come November 4. It seems their policy views are quite akin given the fact that they’ve worked together on so many issues. Ayers and his wife attacked Americans on American soil with the intent to kill them.
Hamas and Ahjmadinejad have expressed a preference for Obama as the next president.

How come that – at least by anecdotal evidence – it looks like people who believe the USA to be worthy of protection – if need be with their own blood – tend to support McCain, while people who believe the USA to be in need of such radical change that they like to see her bombed tend to support Obama?

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  1. John permalink
    October 23, 2008 21:08

    So true. Thanks for the link to the story of Sgt. Eubanks, Tito, and Greg Medina. Great soldiers, while being humble people.

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