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What Sarah Palin’s Candidacy Revealed

October 24, 2008

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent piece here in which he spells out three lessons learned from Mme Palin’s candidacy for VP (so far!). His points en bref:

1. “[T]here turns out to be no standard of objectivity in contemporary journalism.”

2. “Feminism, it turns out, is no longer about equal opportunity and equal compensation, but, in fact, little more than a strain of contemporary elitist identity politics, and support for unquestioned abortion.

3. “[F]rom the match-up of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, we discovered that our media does not know anything about the nature of wisdom” believing a degree from law school (and apparently little else) to guarantee “wisdom and morality“, despite evidence to the contrary.

Life’s testings come in unexpected moments. McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate was a surprise to the media and even to the Obama campaign. Their reaction was telling of the media’s and the official left’s true values. Ever since her appearance on the national stage, slanders, lies, and pseudo-scandals about Mme Palin and her family have erupted, one more ludicrous than the other. All this while the most straightforward vetting of M. Obama is not only neglected but is also actively prevented by the those who want to see him as the next president of the USA and who fear that facts about him might just turn off too many voters. It’s as if they were saying: democracy, free speech and informed voters? All fine – under the condition that our nominee wins and we can continue to use politics as our lifestyle enhancer.

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