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Unsurprising News

November 8, 2008

The unsurprising news is that M President-elect Obama still can’t be himself. Encouraged by the friendly laughter of good-humoured reporters M Obama made an attempt to be funny. Unfortunately, in doing so he publicly made fun of a former first Lady (who, at the age of 87, recently got hospitalised with a fractured pelvis) suggesting that she had held a seance after her husband’s death. And, by the way, her deceased husband happens to be Ronald Reagan.

Maybe M Obama should try to keep up the discipline of sticking to well-prepared and thought-through talking points that allowed him to win the presidency. “Careless and off-handed” could eventually get him into serious trouble.

On the other hand, for a President-elect who got elected on his promise to “unite” it is certainly just a sign of how much he is transcending those old ideas of “they” versus “us” when he nonchalantly jokes about the other party’s legendary hero on his first post-election press conference. Surly those who voted for John McCain will understand this.

And so will heads of state from Russia to Iran to Venezuela, should M Obama ever make a spontaneous remark that would get misunderstood had it been expressed by a figure less transcendental than M Obama.

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