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What We Owe George W. Bush

November 14, 2008

José Maria Aznar has a nice tribute to Bush in Le Figaro. Here is an excerpt:

La liberté triomphe lorsque l’on fait preuve de détermination et de courage pour la défendre. La liberté gagne également lorsqu’il y a plus de nations capables de choisir librement leurs gouvernants. Et la liberté parvient à vaincre lorsqu’il existe un plus grand nombre d’opportunités commerciales.

Tel est précisément l’héritage qu’a préservé, fait prospérer et transmis George W. Bush. C’est ce que l’on retiendra finalement de son mandat.

M Bush has received – and is still receiveing – a disgraceful treatment by many of his own constituents and by many foreigners.

There have always been people on this planet who dislike the USA simply for the fact that she is the most powerful nation on earth. They resent that McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are terrorising innocent consumers all over the world with calories and caffeine. Hollywood films infuse generations with such evil values as exciting car races and sequins on pink dresses for homecoming queens.

But worst of all, this nation actually intervenes into the happenings of international politics when it wants to. Granted, others do so, too. But they are much less powerful and can’t leave such a big footprint. (And, seriously, who actually cares about a place like Georgia? Apparently, President-elect Obama doesn’t even consider Poland to be worthy of protection and could he possibly be wrong?)

Since the Iraq War many Americans have practically told critics and genuine enemies of their country: “You know, actually we dislike ourselves just as much as you do. United Nations, we would love to depend on your unanimous consent in our foreign policy, in climate policies, in how we treat illegal combatants that want to kill us, and in what have you. But our stupid President who stole the election won’t let us.”

No wonder M Obama got elected. So many Americans wanted to repent from the Evil Bush. With Obama they hope (no pun intended, but can it be helped) to erase their past sin of having elected Bush 43.

Bush 43. The man who dared to do what he thought to be necessary in order to protect his country – and indeed many others – from enemies who glory in a cult of death, from those who know power only in the form of oppression, and from those who find merit in mercilessness. The man who in so doing freed people from such terror, planting a democratic nation in a region of the world that is badly in need of liberty.

It has become a must for any person – few as they are – who writes a good thing about President Bush to add: “This doesn’t mean that I think that the Bush administration has not made mistakes.” and then, usually, to give some examples. The French Cowboy will simply leave this part out. President Bush has been blamed for pretty much every evil of the world, there is really no more need to mention any shortcomings of him, real or perceived.

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