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Extrapolating from Past Responsibility-Avoidance Tactics

November 18, 2008

Bret Stephens thinks that liberals have so far gotten away with excuses for their failure to usher in utopia while they (repeatedly) had the chance. On the other hand, Republicans have only been successful because they were lucky in their supply of evil geniuses. In his words:

This liberal narrative of its own near-misses, bad luck and tragic interventions of fate is supplemented by a parallel liberal tale of unbridled conservative malevolence. Republicans may be the stupid party, but they’ve been fortunate in their evil political geniuses […].

He also thinks that this time, with Obama as president, the times in which the Democrats can blame unfortunate circumstances for the lack of success in their policies are over.

American liberalism, such as it is, is finally being put to the test that fate has denied it these last many decades. Succeed or fail, this time there can be no excuses.

Stephens is probably aware that it is very unlikely that the Obama administration won’t get away with excuses – this is all merely hypothetical, of course…

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