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Medal of Freedom in Exchange for Brownie Points?

November 18, 2008

William McGurn is offering soon-to-be-President Obama a nice way of gaining Brownie points with Vets for Freedom and some other hawks (the French Cowboy is using this term in a purely positive sense).

Stephen J. Hadley is a guy who was a crucial link in the White House to make the surge in Iraq possible. By awarding him the Medal of Freedom Obama could quietly acknowledge that the surge has worked. Some politics-junkies from the way-out-there-left might get mad. But they will get over it.

Obama had a hard time straddling between the positions that the surge was wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! on the one side and that it worked on the other. If Obama follows McGurn’s advice he might wriggle his way out of this by setting a quiet ‘period’ to this story while siding with the fact of the surge’s success.

But Obama might also just close his eyes and hope that no one will see him and that the question ‘Was the surge a mistake?’ will be put to rest all by itself. Being a man who has shown no signs of making decisions easily this might turn out to be his strategy.

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