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Huckabee Should Get a Pettiness Award

November 21, 2008

In a time when the GOP has enough trouble, inside as well as outside, Huckabee spends his time criticising people of his own party as if he were running a presidential campaign against them. Of course, he thinks that in 2012 he actually will. Hopefully for him, voters will have forgotten about his current behaviour by then.

While advertising for his new book, which should probably bear the title ‘Why Everybody’s Wrong But Me’ but is entitled ‘Do the Right Thing’ instead, Huckabee doesn’t leave it at calling Romney a pseudo conservative but also whines about Mme Palin’s treatment. Now you’re thinking: “Eh ben, c’est sympa ςa, n’est-ce pas?”, but no. He doesn’t complain about the unfairness of the mainstream media against her. He complains about the unfairness of her getting to national fame without having to get “bloodied” during the primaries:

“What John McCain did for [Sarah Palin] was to give her the capacity to sort of leapfrog over the process and get right to the center stage,” he said at a breakfast with reporters this morning. “By naming her (his running mate) he was able to put her in a position where she did have to go through the bruising process of the primaries [sic]. Many of us had been out there for 15 months … she walks into the hot spotlight and she’s a blank slate nobody knows so Republicans are fired up.” […] “She didn’t have to go through any [of] the debates, she didn’t have to go through the primaries, she didn’t have to have people pick her or pick someone else against her. State parties did not have to divide from one to 12 ways over her. So it was a remarkable ability for her to come in at a level that is an extraordinary benefit to her.”

Mike, if you’re reading this, I’m sure that everyone would be cheering your proposition of introducing primaries for the VP candidates as well! Finally the unfairly favourable treatment of the person in the second slot would get rectified. A Sarah Palin would have to get bloodied just as you! No more nice-guy media for Sarah Palin! No more softballing with Gibson and Couric! Brace yourself, Sarah, you’re gonna go through what Mike had to go through! Ha! Who’s laughing now?

Huckabee is displaying a huge lack of grace here and it is not likely going to endear him to voters. There is also some irony when, among the leading figures of the conservative party, it is the one who wants voters to associate him with Christian morals who behaves the most petty and narcissistic.

Here is another advice for you, Huck: positioning yourself as a Christian conservative, with the emphasis on ‘Christian’, while publicly whining about your fellow party members out of mere envy gives Christianity a bad name. So just quit it already, Mike.

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