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Oh, and While We’re at It

November 21, 2008

there’s something else on which the French Cowboy disagrees with you, Mike:

In the meantime, [Mike Huckabee] says that he has been enjoying his role as host of his own Fox News Channel program. (Fox and The Wall Street Journal are owned by News Corp.) The highlight, Huckabee says, has been having liberal guests such as comedian Bill Maher, director Oliver Stone and actor Richard Dreyfus.

“What I want to try and do is have people on who are 180 degrees from me,” he said. He says these people agree to do his show because he lets them talk without interruption in a civil conversation.

“I take the word ‘guest’ and ‘host’ very seriously. Being host implies a certain level of civility and hospitality,” he said. He said that people who feel the need to yell and scream show that they either do not have deep beliefs or do not have the intellectual depth to defend their beliefs.

Asked his views about fellow Fox host Bill O’Reilly, who is better known for yelling than for civil conversation, Huckabee said: “I’m not going to criticize anyone from my network. I like getting paid.”

It is not surprising that Huckabee enjoys a show in which he himself is at centre stage. Who wouldn’t. And never mind that it’s a bit odd to give people with opinions “180 degrees from me” a platform to spread their (wrong) ideas as if they didn’t already have enough of them. (One wonders how many liberal tv shows show so much “civility and hospitality” as to let people with conservative views express their thoughts without getting interrupted all the time.) Maybe Huckabee can invite Romney some time.

What the French Cowboy really disagrees on here is the “people who yell and scream are stupid” part. It is a matter of character whether you are able to stay cool during a discussion or whether you get heated up and show it. When someone has a temper it doesn’t mean that he is either wrong or stupid.

So, in Huckabee’s opinion, is O’Reilly lacking “deep beliefs” or just “intellectual depth”?

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