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Have Faith?

November 27, 2008

The man who reminded us yesterday that we have to “understand where the vision for change comes from, first and foremost. It comes from me.” also seems to have a new vision for his daughters’ education.

People magazine reported that the Obamas don’t give their children birthday or Christmas gifts, to “teach some limits” in M Obama’s own words. Yet yesterday the President-elect indicated that he is going to do some “extra” Christmas shopping this year and that his daughters have already written their wish lists: “It’s mostly for Santa. They send their letter every year.” That sure sounds like the Obama kids have been hoping for some change in all those years in which ‘Santa’ didn’t bring them anything. Let’s hope they won’t get the ‘hypoallergenic’ dog their parents are looking for. Because such a dog doesn’t exist.

Not to overstretch in trying to get a wider lesson here, but there is this man who won the presidency by promising ‘Hope and Change’, with lower taxes and green energy and a positive image abroad and college education for everyone and the lowering of the seas and whatnot, and his own daughters have been writing wish lists every Christmas yet they didn’t get any presents from their parents? And now they have been promised this ‘hypoallergenic’ dog which doesn’t exist? Do you think that could mean that we might not, actually, get green jobs paid for by taking from ‘the rich’ and a healed planet on which the US President can have tea with the head of state of a nation that wants to destroy the USA?

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