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The Delights of M Obama’s Press Conferences

December 4, 2008

Ahh, the Obama administration! It has not even begun and it already feeds us with the most exquisite news. Not only can the nation delight in speculations about hypoallergenic pooches and admire the incoming President’s workout discipline (especially in comparison to the current President’s workout discipline which is practically the same except that it is a “creepy” “obsession”). But even Fox News is tamed by the sheer vibe of harmony that has begun to emanate from Chicago through the entire country.

Instead of asking one of their typical evil and unfair questions, Fox News asked only a moderately tough question and directed it at M Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Commerce Bill Richardson: “What happened to the beard, sir?”

Alas, M Obama’s “meddle into other people’s personal affairs” fatherly instinct got the better of him in this moment and he had to answer the question for M Richardson who stood next to him, smiling and, you must believe, blushing, while M Obama reminded the nation once more that he is a true intellectual who, by definition, fails in his attempts to humour.

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