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Money, Power, Corruption – What’s Not to Love?

December 23, 2008

The French Cowboy agrees with Goldberg and Lopez about the Blagojevich scandal: I love it!

[T]here’s something almost wholesome or nostalgic about Blogo’s criminal misdeeds. He wasn’t found opening an umbrella in parts of his anatomy for money on the internet, or giving cash to terrorists who were going to have Santas wear suicide-padding at department stores around the country. He didn’t check interns for a hernia without permission or spy for the Norks. He’s just a crook. A good, old-fashioned, crook.

And he recites poems! Allez, you have to admit that this is the kind of news you love to follow. It’s much better than the average swooning-for-Obama stuff we get (and probably will continue to get) since the media got a crush on the President-to-be. Goldberg (again – what’s going on?) is discribing the quality of those stories best:

The New York Times — which, according to Wall Street analysts, is weeks from holding editorial board meetings in a refrigerator box — created the journalistic equivalent of CSI-Wasilla to study every follicle and fiber in Sarah Palin’s background, all the while treating Obama’s Chicago like one of those fairy-tale lands depicted in posters that adorn little girls’ bedroom walls. See there, Suzie? That’s a Pegasus. That’s a pink unicorn. And that’s a beautiful sunflower giving birth to a fully grown Barack Obama, the greatest president ever and the only man in history to be able to pick up manure from the clean end.

I much prefer reading about Blagojevich’s – in a Clintonesque way admirable – chutzpah than about M Obama’s sweaty t-shirts. All the while the media are twisting themselves into pretzels in order to avoid mentioning any tainting links between Obama and the place where he comes from: the filthy mire that is Chicago politics.

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