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The People Wants It So

December 23, 2008

Oh my. Looks like the merging of political news and celebrity gossip is about to be finalised. We had papparazzi pictures of then presidential candidate Obama during his Hawaiian holidays some months ago, we had them of Mme Palin when she was attending the GOP governors meeting in Miami, and we’re back to shirtless fotos of now President-elect Obama complete with swooning captions.

The upside: this development will certainly make our apathetic youth become very interested in “politics” once they find out that media like Newsweek and US Weekly are basically reporting on the same things: the biceps of the young and athletic President-to-be and the evil cunning of the Great Witch from the North Sarah Palin, for instance. Thank you, Obama, for having turned the uninformed and uninterested youth into uniformed interested youth – interested in politicians with sufficient MTV-ish appeal, that is – to vote for the “cool” candidate in elections for years to come!

So with the large numbers of young people and those who have never grown up thinking that casting ballots for the more popular candidate in an election is a great add-on to their individualistic lifestyle, celebrity status will be the decisive factor for anyone to win public office from now on.

With this in perspective, Caroline Kennedy wouldn’t have to worry even if Governor Paterson didn’t appoint her to Mme Clinton’s soon-to-be-vacant senate seat.* It is unlikely that other candidates would be able to beat her in terms of star-like popularity. (Although, if Kennedy had to run against J-Lo, I bet Jenny From The Block would crush Sweet Caroline’s rather quaint fairy-tale-princess image.  Or would she? I think we need a facebook poll here.)

So just go on with the coronation of Caroline Kennedy. Forget about qualifications. The President-elect didn’t need any either. (He’s a good basketball player and looks cool with a cigarette hanging from his lips, what else do you want?) Have the most glamorous candidate take office. The people wants it so.

* And the French Cowboy is darn sure that Governor Paterson will not get any favours in return for his senate pick. After all, who would expect any tit-for-tat in politics? It has never been heard of. Only corrupt weasles like Blagojevich work those kinds of schemes, n’est-ce pas?

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