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Confirmed: All Team Obama Members on the Good List

December 24, 2008

Only Blagojevich is on the naughty list, says Team Obama’s report – inconspicuously dropped late afternoon before the holiday weekend – making you wonder who Blago wanted to sell the Senate seat to if no one can be found to whom it had been offered.

According to the report, Rahm Emanuel had “one or two” direct conversations with Blagojevich (which probably went a little like this) and “about four” with Blago’s ex-Chief of Staff John Harris who resigned after the Illinois governor got arrested. All of those were, of course, perfectly innocent chats about all sorts of things and only “a brief discussion” about possible candidates for M Obama’s Senate seat without ever mentioning the words “cabinet position, 501c(4), a private sector position for the Governor or any other personal benefit for the Governor.”

Looks like Biden was right again! (After he correctly predicted that a President Obama will get tested by the world.)

There’s– ah –it’s been clear that the President-elect has had no contact with Blagojevich and/or anyone on his team that he’s asserted, and you’ll soon find out in the release today that there has been no inappropriate contact by any member of the Obama staff or the transition team with Blagojevich, and I think the report you’ll see will reflect that this afternoon.

Of course. I give the last word to Mary Katharine Ham:

Looks like things are mostly innocent, here, aside from Rahm’s suspiciously faulty memory. I don’t wish to cast aspersions on Team Obama before there is evidence of misdeeds, but I will note that the Washington press corps is awfully happily credulous of a Democratic internal investigation, conducted by Democrats, of Democrats, to clear Democrats of possible collusion with another Democrat, released on a holiday weekend at 4:30 p.m. while the principal and powerful subjects of the internal investigation are temporarily absent from the American mainland.

Yep, not raising any flags for me, either. Now, everybody go on vacation.

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