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Rolling Over on Rod and Roland

January 9, 2009

Looks like Reid and Co have made a 180 concerning the seating of Burris in the Senate. The man whom Reid once judged incapable of being an “effective representative”, by virtue – or rather vice – of him being picked by Blagojevich, turned into a “very engaging, extremely nice man”, with “two Ph.D.s and two law degrees” we must not forget, who has only “a pretty easy hurdle to get over” to become a fully accepted Senator. And, wow, that happened fast.

The French Cowboy doesn’t begrudge Burris the seat. Convinced of the importance of his own accomplishments as he is – judging by the monument he has built to himself – it must be natural for Burris to see no problem in getting promoted to Senator by a man under investigation for corruption. As long as Burris himself is not involved with Blago’s dealings denying him the right to the seat is a rather hypocritical motion by those who allowed Balgojevich to be able to choose a Senator in the first place.

Indeed, Democrats have only themselves to blame for this mess. If they had effectively made the case for a special election they would not have come into the situation of having to either turn down Burris – a black man! – at the threshold to the Senate floor or roll over and look really weak and foolish. (They tried the first response, as we know, but then quickly thought the better of it – the magic word “racist” always works.) But faced with the possibilty of losing the seat to a Republican in the case of a special election, the Democrats decided that one-party rule is better than democratic principles when the “one party” are they.

The Democrats wanted to have it both ways: keep the Senate seat – ie no special election – and look clean and ethically correct by condemning Blaogjevich and everything that concerns him as unworthy of their party. I don’t know about you, but to the French Cowboy they now (still) look both: power-greedy and hypocritical. The Democrats’ avoidance of a special election shows clearly how they don’t care by whom voters prefer to get represented but that they prioritise their own power and their dream of  ruling Congress with filibuster-proof margins. (And the less likely a Republican win in a special election, the more pathetic the Democrats’ ploy.)

With this in mind, the Democrats lose more and more credibility with each time they promise “bi-partisan” politics.

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