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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

January 14, 2009

M Obama has yet to get inaugurated and already the hope for change he inspired in so many people during the presidential campaign is subsiding. In fact, the conservatives are already pointing out how the President-elect is likely to stick with a lot of policies of the Bush administration. (VDH and Bill Kristol are two cases in point.)

It’s not always easy to predict the future, even for the French Cowboy. It is even harder in the case of the future presidency of a person with a short track record from which to derive some telltale indicators. Add to this that the person has a habit of formulating watery policies whenever he is not watering down policies he has been formulating with more clarity before and the future gets even foggier.

There are two areas in which Obama has shown steadfastness, though, namely his promise to fully embrace everything “green” and his abortion extremism. It probably depends on what kind of liberal you are, but if I had voted for Obama’s Change than I would be pretty disappointed if those two issues were all that remain after the big dreams of the campaign season. But, as mentioned, Obama isn’t even in office yet and so there still is room for the “Hope” part of the campaign promise. (Let’s leave it unsaid that it’s hard to think of a reason for Obama to sound more centrist than he intends to govern at this point in time. Oops, I’m afraid I said it all the same.)

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