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So Far, So Not So Good

January 24, 2009

The French Cowboy is not impressed by Obama’s performance so far. Already his staff selection was a series of compromises. Hillary was denied any foreign policy experience by him while she was still his contender for the nomination. Then she became his Secretary of State. She represented the old politics of the past (the “childish things” the Great Obama wants us to put aside, one might assume) and yet she and a throng of her husband’s former staffers have followed Obama’s call and moved back into the White House.

The personnel issues don’t end here. Tim Geithner failed to pay his taxes in several years and even accepted reimbursments for some of them. The Great Obama declares Geithner innocent and makes him Secretary of the Treasury. Also, the “no lobbyists in my administration” rule got loosened: now you can work for Obama if you have been a lobbyists under certain conditions and – at least in the case of William J. Lynn III – even outside of these conditions. So much for the “tough new ethics rules.”

The new President’s order of closing Guantánamo within a year is a symbolic gesture for the price of security. The old problem about what to do with the inmates remains and if Bush had found a solution to it he would have closed the place already. (He said that he would like to close Guantánamo years ago.) Obama has now set a deadline to the solution of a serious national security issue in exchange for brownie points from the far left (even after all the talk the importance of closing Gitmo ranks low in the polls).

True to his belief in abortion extremism Obama has reversed the “Mexico City policy” in order to send US dollars to international organisations that pay for abortions. What a swell idea, especially when you can bet your unborn child on it that the money will go to places like China and other countries were “a woman’s right to choose” is her right to choose between different types of human rights abuses. And Obama does this one day after the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade. So much for bipartisanship, by the way.

M Obama’s gigantic stimulus package is nothing but the spending plans he had already before the economy went South. Only this time he calls it “economic stimulus” and conveniently thinks he suddenly doesn’t have to worry about the deficit anymore. After all, who thinks about debts when the economy is at stake? Obama also redefined earmarks thus: “the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review.” – So whenever the Great Obama rests his eyes on pork it turns into an economic stimulus.

Irrespective of whether you agree with Obama’s policies, it is obvious that the many compromises he has made are inconsistent with his lofty rhetoric. And having compromised so early – even before he took office – reveals a lack of conviction by Obama that he actually thinks what he says can and should be done. In some cases this might be good news to people who aren’t keen about seeing Obama’s promises fulfilled, but in general there is no advantage when the leader of the Free World is a wobbly type, willing to negotiate everything.

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