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Obama Puts Lipstick on Pork, Calls It Economic Stimulus

January 30, 2009

Shouldn’t the President applaud Wall Street companies for making economic stimulus packages in the form of employee bonuses? Instead he calls them “shameful” and admonishes them to “show some restraint”. What if he and Congress had shown some restraint? Members of Congress wouldn’t have given themselves a pay raise and Obama wouldn’t have designed this fabulous $800+ billion spending programme to add to the $11 trillion national debt.

But they didn’t show restraint and claim that letting Democrats go on a pork shopping spree with taxpayers’ money will save the economy. What gives the man who wants to throw away piles of taxpayers’ money for the conservation of national parks, ACORN, and Filipino veterans of whom two thirds don’t even live in America and calls that an economic stimulus the moral authority to say that paying bonuses to people who worked for them is “shameful”? Actually, laisse tomber the moral authority – the French Cowboy would rather like to know what kind of logic is supposed to stand behind this?

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