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“Oops, My $128,203 Bad”

February 1, 2009

Looks like Geithner is not the only one among Obama’s appointees who has made an “honest mistake” and failed to pay his taxes. This time it’s Tom Daschle who got tapped by the President to set up an unsustainable health care system. And right after Obama had secured his party’s nomination in June last year, M Daschle hit his hand against his forehead and said, Silly me, this car service might actually be taxable! – Interesting, what the prospect of becoming Secretary of HHS can do to you.

M Daschle was also on the payroll of a number of health care groups as a lobb- – er, a consultant! Now, if he also had an illegal alien nanny he would have won the Hope’n’Change trifecta of the new President’s staff.

I don’t know about you, but it strikes the French Cowboy as particularly dishonest to be in the party that always wants to raise taxes on “the rich” when you belong into this “rich” category and yet fail to pay yours. Those who like telling others to live by rules they don’t abide by themselves feel at home in the Democratic party.

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