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Campaigner in Chief

February 25, 2009

The President’s address to Congress was way too long, especially considering what he actually said. And, as political speeches do, it was an attempt to make bad policies sound like good ones. It was meant to rally the nation behind him. In short, it was another campaign speech.

It has become pretty obvious that M Obama is trying to make his tenure a success by betting almost exclusively on his one strength: giving speeches that are well received by a majority. He knows that his approval ratings were weakened over the first month of his presidency and the SOTU address was his chance to reverse that trend.

The French Cowboy can forgive this ego-centred strategy but there is one area in which his tolerance has been used up to the last drop: no more cheap hits at your predecessor, M Obama. An honourable man does not try to aggrandise himself by blaming another for the difficulties he faces and each time you do so you say that you are unworthy of holding the office you have been given. The campaign is over.

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