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Let Joe Take Care of Bill

February 25, 2009

The French Cowboy has had that thought ever since M Obama presented then-Senator Biden as his running mate but so far felt it somewhat improper to comment on it. But at least since yesterday’s improper “Nobody messes with Joe” reference it has become so evident that we can openly muse on what we all know: the President disdains his Vice President.

Then why did he choose him?, you ask. À mon avis: because Obama wanted to win the “yahoo” votes, or to paraphrase the President, the votes of the xenophobic, anti-trade clingers to religion and guns. It is to be feared that Obama has no more respect for what he must believe to be backward, knuckle-dragging Rush-Limbaugh listeners of flyover country than for his own Vice President.

“But”, you say, “M Obama has given Biden the responsibility to oversee the implementation of his signature bill. Surely this is proof of confidence.” Je ne suis pas d’accord, the French Cowboy says. Obama repeatedly reminded us that the so-called stimulus bill is just one of more steps to come in the name of economic recovery. The gargantuan $787 billion spending bill is nothing to make a man of President Obama’s sense of personal greatness to stoop down and bother with details. He let congressional Democrats shape the bill according to their own wishes, why shouldn’t he let the execution of the law be overseen by his goofy sidekick? While his servants go about to fulfill the tasks relegated to them, M Obama himself strides on to greater conquests.

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