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Whodunnit – Spending Bill Edition [Updated]

March 4, 2009

Remember how about one and a half aeons ago Obama was still running for the presidency against McCain and tried to smear VP Candidate Sarah Palin? Remember how one of the talking points against Governor Palin was that she had supported the infamous Bridge to Nowhere (even though she had actively and effectively set an end to the project)? Having not made it her foremost priority from her first day in the governor’s office to cancel a building project okay-ed by Congress during her predecessor’s tenure was the best evidence team Obama could come up with to make the case against Mme Palin. The Bridge to Nowhere was the embodiment of fiscal irresponsibility, the symbol for all waste of taxpayer money, the ultimate insult to hard-working, honest Americans who pay their taxes, the proof that the fresh and cool M Obama must become the president to set things aright. And it was also then.

This year’s omnibus spending bill includes another bridge that costs only about two thirds of the $320 million of the Bridge to Nowhere’s price tag but it has the additional feature to be favoured over a cheaper, more effective, more environmentally friendly, and even lawful alternative that should just as well satisfy lawmakers’ urge to do something. So why is that bridge included in the bill rather than the alternative prefered by the Miccosukee tribe of restoring culverts and building swells? If you want to know that you would have to ask the people who wrote the provision. Problem is that just as Blago was found guilty of trying to auction Obama’s Senate seat without anyone guilty of having flagged interest in the illegal deal this piece of bridge pork is part of the spending bill without anyone having put it there. When asked about the provision reactions from those who get paid for knowing such things range from Reid’s and Pelosi’s “We had nothing to do with this” to Dianne Feinstein’s and Norm Dicks’s chirping crickets to “several Democrats”‘s “Bush did it.” This is fiscal irresponsibility in its most literal form.


Gee, we will soon have enough tax money wasting bridges for a Top Trumps pack!

The French Cowboy: “Population served: 218.”
Nancy: “I can beat that: population served 50!”
The French Cowboy: “Price tag: $400 million.”
Nancy: “Bummer, this one’s yours. Price tag only $80 million.”

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