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He’s Just Not That Into You

March 5, 2009

President Obama adapted quickly to life in DC. End of January he still made fun of wimpy Washingtonians for closing schools because of “some ice” and told them that “We’re going to have to try some flinty, Chicago toughness to this town.” (And who doesn’t love the idea of more Chicago style in DC.) But rather than setting an example in weather resilience Obama decided to make his own use of the weather excuse when Prime Minister Gordon Brown arrived for a visit earlier this week.  The press conference that Monsieur Brown has been so eagerly looking forward to got canceled “because of snow.”

That in itself must have broken a few British diplomats’ hearts. (They probably had just begun to recover from Obama’s expelling of the Churchill bust.) But the general treatment of Brown was cringe-inducing to anyone who cares at least a wee bit about the traditionally strong transatlantic relationship which, by the way, may be over now. Or what else does a 25 classic US films DVD collection in contrast to a pen holder made of timber from a Victorian anti-slavery ship tell you? As always, M Obama has expressed himself ever so eloquently.

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