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Most Ethical Administration Evah Now Both Unethical and Understaffed

March 13, 2009

First we learned that team Obama wanted Geithner so badly to head the Treasury because they found him to be the only guy competent enough to fill the post. Now we know that they just found him to be the only guy. They’ve had – and still have – such troubles filling up the remaining empty slots in the department that it has drawn media attention. The White House resorted to their standard defence: comparing themselves to former administrations and saying that those did worse or at least not better.

On Sunday they finally announced three co-workers for Tim. But the vetting for the remaining positions is just as bumpy as it was ever since Geithner’s honest mistake to cheat on his taxes without taking into account (pun intended) how embarrassing it is going to be when he gets nominated for Treasury. Rumor has it that a third of those considered for the department failed the sniffing test because of tax issues. Somehow the French Cowboy doubts that those were cases of overpaid taxes. If this is true it has to strike you as unfair that those who have tax issues of their own are not allowed to work under Geithner whom the whole country knows to be a tax cheat, too. Besides, couldn’t it have some pleasant effects if the entire Treasury were staffed with tax cheats? Wouldn’t they work as an effective check against the new administration’s war against legal tax avoidance? Nah, I’m just being naïve here.

The French Cowboy is wondering, however, for what reasons the candidates who were not tax cheats failed the vetting process. Were those minor issues or worse ones? Did they have more than three telephone conversations with Blagojevich or did they just own guns? What makes you unacceptable for an administration that has nominated tax cheat Tim Geithner as well as Dawn Johnsen who argued that pregnancy is slavery, David Ogden who made his career defending the pornography industry,  Eric Holder who abused his position as Clinton’s deputy attorny general in working for the pardon of Marc Rich, and wanted as chairman for the National Intelligence Council (!) Chas Freeman who is on the payroll of China and Saudi Arabia – which explains his comments in favour of both tyrannical regimes?

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