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So, How’s That ‘Restoring America’s Image Abroad’ Thing Working?

March 14, 2009

Great! Russia is now so enamoured with the US that they even want to bridge the geographical distance between them and their new-found friends by parking bomber aircrafts on the American continent. (They’re still undecided whether to take Venezuela’s or Cuba’s generous offer of hospitality, though.) Actions just speak so much louder than words. Especially when the State Department can’t find a single person to correctly translate the word ‘reset’ from English into Russian.

North Korea is also trying to snuggle up. They’re planning to deliver their message of respect for, and fondness of, the new administration via a ‘satellite’ that, according to some blogs, might be headed for Hawaii. Yes, you get inventive when you want to express that feeling of a tingle up your leg. But they are probably just jealous of attention-grabbing Iran which has launched its satellite within days after Obama’s inauguration. As well they should, since Iran’s threat to annihilate cities and nations is still the most credible. The Norks will just have to ramp up their efforts.

But China is probably the toughest competitor for nations that want to avoid the DVD-collection treatment that Britain received. The People’s Republic certainly has a special place in the heart of the new administration. Monsieur Obama envied the Chinese’s infrastructure (“Their ports, their train systems, their airports are vastly the superior to us now[.]”) and he must be eager to find out how they do it. And while Columbia’s alleged lack of interest in protecting union members has been reason enough for M Obama to oppose a trade agreement with one of the precious few pro-American countries in Latin America, such concerns have no room in the US-Sino relationship. Hillary Clinton even told the Chinese what, according to some, everyone knew for a long time anyway: human rights are just so overrated. There are more important things to worry about, like saving our flora and fauna and financing government for the survivors.

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