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The Hunt Is On

March 20, 2009

I guess the decision to set a 90% tax on those bonuses AIG employees have received is the mile stone that marks the official beginning of the ‘skin the fat cats alive’ witch hunt. Maybe House Democrats should remind themselves that they have voted for that monstrous so-called stimulus bill that features the explicit provision that TARP money receivers will be paid their bonuses. And House Republicans should remind voters that none of them voted ‘yea’ on that bill. If the Dems are really so concerned about that fraction of the total funds that have been spent to keep AIG on life support then maybe they should have bothered to read the bill before voting for it and simultaneously accusing Republicans of playing ‘petty partisan games’ for opposing it.

According to George Stephanopoulos (via Jim Geraghty) AIG employees begin to do the only reasonable thing left for them to do:

[…] AIG’s top three financial-products executives and several other officials resigned yesterday, giving the reason “fear for safety.”

This is the result of government pointing out scapegoats for their own inaptitude. All it does is scare away those whose knowledge, skills, and capital is needed to get the economy rolling again, AIG employee or not. The French Cowboy’s prediction for the future? Dark and darker.

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