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March 26, 2009

Democrats, in their unrelenting search for useless projects to sink taxpayer money in, have hit a trifecta with this one:

– it’s pork, ensuring “years of funding” for

[a] 40-acre Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park [which] was one of scores of parks and conservation projects that the House approved Wednesday as part of the $8 billion omnibus public lands bill. President Obama is expected to sign the measure soon.

– it force-feeds a state:

The park service hardly ever tells Congress no but says in this case that the park is not needed. A 2006 National Park Service study said the site is neither suitable nor feasible, the park system already includes enough waterfalls and similar cultural sites, and Paterson is already well-protected by the state.

– and it’s a bushdidit:

“I think what the issue was is the Bush administration was fundamentally opposed to adding new units to the national parks inventory,” said Caley Gray, a spokesman for [Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., New Jersey Democrat and former mayor of Paterson].

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