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Scant Coverage

April 2, 2009

Joseph Curl isn’t happy about the media coverage of Obama’s trip to London:

Unlike President Bush’s White House communications team, which usually timed press conferences abroad to coincide with the U.S. morning programs, the Obama operation began the president’s first day of his first trip abroad while most Americans were still asleep. What’s more, the president banned most reporters from nearly every event he held on a day heavy with bilateral talks with foreign leaders, and even held U.S. cameras at bay for his visit to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen.

As a result, the 24-hour cable shows began their morning programs with endless footage of hooligans clashing with British bobbies, a scene that played out all day on television.


While the president met with his Russian and Chinese counterparts, the White House would allow only a “travel pool spray at top” – which translates as more canned remarks before the important meetings took place. And the sprays weren’t live, anyway, but shot on tape and played later. The networks quickly abandoned them.

The most transparent administration ever, indeed. We can see right through them. But so far, there are no hints that the mainstream media will point out that the emperor wears no clothes:

When the networks weren’t showing rampaging ruffians, there was only breathless talk of Mrs. Obama’s attire, from her mustard-yellow Jason Wu dress to her green pencil skirt and “cream-colored sparkly cardigan from J. Crew.” MSNBC even trotted out a fashion expert to discuss the first lady’s newsworthy decision to change clothes aboard Air Force One.

Well, you can’t blame them, can you? After all, clothes make the news.

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