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We Are All Pollutants Now

April 18, 2009

In the Land of Lawyers, this is risky, to say the least:

In a decision that elated environmentalists but left industry groups wary, the Obama administration Friday classified carbon dioxide as a pollutant, delivering a long-awaited finding designed in part to force Congress to act on climate change.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s “endangerment finding” stated that carbon dioxide, along with five other gases, is responsible for global public health hazards, marking the first step in a lengthy regulatory process to curb carbon emissions, a campaign that one Democrat called the green equivalent of the civil rights movement.

The equivalent of the civil rights movement… I must confess, the French Cowboy is having a hard time to find even the smallest bit of a parallel between fighting the existence of a gas that is used and produced by all humans and all kinds of plants and animals and the civil rights movement. The fact that the anti-carbon activists are basically declaring breathing “responsible for global public health hazards” doesn’t make it easier. The comparison wouldn’t even work if you could find human beings who don’t emit CO2 (who could then sue their CO2-emitting counterparts for polluting their air.) But of course, this is how it will start. Those who engage in CO2-emitting activities like commercially producing energy or other commodities will be the target of those who are content consuming said produced energy or commodities.

As long as human beings live they will produce carbon dioxide. Since environmentalists believe CO2 to be an evil that has to be fought, every human being is an evil that has to be fought. And now it’s even official. The logical conclusion to this is that humanity has to be extinguished. Obviously, the members of the Church of Green have realised this long ago and are working cunningly towards this goal.

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