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Lemieux de résister

April 19, 2009

Mark Steyn has found food for thought in this story about a member of the endangered species of the Quebecois Libertarian:

Pierre Lemieux is an economist whose most recent book, Comprendre l’economie, just won the prestigious Prix Turgot in Paris. When it comes to guns, he’s a hobbyist, not a lobbyist, but in his spare time he has been trying to make the authorities comprehend something about the relationship between public safety and his love life. Not because he thinks there’s a nexus, but because the government does.

Before renewing his gun permit in 2007, the authorities decided to inquire into Lemieux’s bedroom history. Did he divorce anyone in the last two years? Did he break up with a girlfriend? If yes, use a separate sheet to explain.

Pardon me? Explain?

Well, it was nothing personal . Apparently, Canada’s government feels it ought to know the romantic status of all firearm owners.

The good – or rather ‘the better’ – Lemieux refused to answer the question (he wrote directly to the Prime Minister “that my love affairs are none of your business.” – bravo, Lemieux!) and his application for permit renewal was rejected. Monsieur Lemieux has mustered the time, money and energy to challenge the decision in court. But as Steyn observes, “it requires a kind of 24/7 tenacity few can muster” to stand up against such pathetic yet numerous attacks against freedom and he goes on to ask “But do we have the will to resist it?”

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