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Napolitano: We Must Save Vets from Themselves

April 20, 2009

Napolitano’s ‘defence’ of her department’s ‘Beware of the Rightwing Wackos’ report shows how truly disdainful she is of the military. Said Napolitano: “I regret that in the politicization of everything that happens in Washington, D.C., some took offense,” – in other words, she’s sorry that some weren’t enthused about her intentionally politicising her department’s role and sending out a document denouncing veterans and conservatives of all stripes as idiots who are just a bad-hair-day away from becoming “the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States.”

But it gets worse:

“What it [the report] is saying is returning veterans are targets of right-wing extremists groups that are trying to recruit [them] to commit violent acts within the country,” [Napolitano] said.

She later added, “That’s why the Obama administration wants to work with returning vets and make sure they’ve got health care, education opportunities, job opportunities, all the like so that they do not become a target of these extremist groups.”

Got that? The head of the Department of Homeland Security is basically saying here that veterans are low-IQ barbarians who tend to fall for the first temptation of committing violent acts against other Americans because they are driven by aggressive impulses, unable to discern right from wrong, as you would expect from unsophisticated yahoos. So in order to keep the brutes from going berserk, you have to provide them with at least a sufficient level of food, clothing and shelter; a very practical approach which the experts at the Obama administration have brilliantly devised when asked to come up with a solution to the question, ‘What to do with the bitter, xenophobe, religious gun toters?’ that was part of the President’s 5-point memo entitled ‘Fighting the Most Dangerous Threats against My Reelection.’

Non sérieusement, Mme Napolitano betrays and furthers a wrong and scornful idea of US soldiers and veterans. What makes her believe that a veteran is more prone to violence and to feel attracted to “hate groups” than anyone else? Americans don’t join the military because they enjoy killing. They join the military because they love their country and find her worthy of defence, and with their own life if necessary. You can find nutcases in any group as large as the US military and it doesn’t take a war to give someone PTSD. But, in contrast to so many other places, among the things you can learn as a soldier are honour, duty, discipline and teamwork of incomparable quality. Those are not exactly lessons that foster violent criminals. Maybe the meeting with American Legion Commander Rehbein will help Mme Napolitano realise that and lose her irrational fear. “Mme Napolitano, help us help you!”

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