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Good (Rhetorical) Question

April 21, 2009

While President Obama’s behaviour abroad is leaving me rather speechless, Krauthammer is expressing the French Cowboy’s thoughts  (and probably many, many, many, many more people’s thoughts as well):

The most telling moment, however, was when Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, delivered a 53-minute excoriating attack on the United States. And Obama’s response was “I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for the things that occurred when I was three months old.”

Does the narcissism of this man know no bounds? This is not about him. It is about his country. [French Cowboy’s emphasis]

You really have the impression that Monsieur Obama is not trying to represent the USA but himself. The most powerful nation that he is president of is just a snazzy accessory for him that allows him to go on all these chic trips abroad and have meet-and-greet sessions with kings, queens, dictators, and some less interesting elected heads of state.

And Obama’s reaction to his new buddy Hugo’s book gift? “’You know, I thought it was one of Chavez’s books,’ Obama answered. ‘I was going to give him one of mine.’” How lovely. One wonders which book that would be. Fareed Zakaria’s ‘The Post-American World’?

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