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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Incompetence!

April 29, 2009

It’s like a cruel joke. The president of the United States scares his own citizenry to death by emulating the scene which has announced the worst terrorist attack in the nation’s history and which was the opening bell for a war the country is still fighting – because he wants glamour shots of his fancy airplane. Talk about a PR campaign that fired backwards. Most Americans, the French Cowboy dares to say, when they hear ‘low flying planes’ and ‘New York City skyscrapers’ they think about 9/11. All that the Obama administration thought, though, was ‘big time photo op’. It appears that narcissism trickles from the top to the bottom.

As for the president himself, he obviously didn’t know about any of this before he read it in the following morning’s New York Times print edition – or in his words: “It was something we found out about along with all of you […]”. You know, with more than one private aircraft at your exlusive disposal you can’t always keep track on where your fleet is buzzing about while you’re not on board. To further strenghten your confidence in the Obama administration, let me inform you that the habitual ‘blame a lower-echelon staffer’ part of the ‘deny-you-knew-anything-about-it’ strategy that Monsieur Obama has used frequently in the past has already been performed as well.

The whole incident is emblematic of an administration behaving like nouveaux riches and too much in love with themselves to realise that ‘the man on the street’ (in this case even in the literal sense) depends on them to act like grown-ups and that zigzagging a plane through the Big Apple unannounced could touch some sensitive nerves among the common folk. It also makes you wonder what was so unaccetable about using old pictures of Air Force One. Did all of them have President Bush waving at the camera through one of the windows? Be that as it may, next time, the French Cowboy humbly suggests you, Team Obama, imitate another group of US-unfriendlies: the Iranians use photo shop for their propaganda pictures.

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