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Reason in the Age of Obama

May 4, 2009

In Obama’s world a good business deal is made not based on a value-price calculation but on ‘making sacrifices’. Furthermore, Obama seems to believe that business deals in general are made on emotional motives, not economic reasoning. A business contract that doesn’t give the however identified weaker side something for free is not reasonable, it is evil. As we have seen recently, if you’re not willing to sign a monstrous contract that will chain you up with a union-run automaker and a government prone to hysterically lash out against business people, a contract that is a bad deal for your clients but helps government to look better, you get denounced as acting greedily and maliciously while everyone else is making “sacrifices” by President Obama personally, on national television, for the entire nation and the world to watch. The Great Obama doesn’t “stand with you”. Take that money makers. Take that capitalism. Take that you who work for reward rather than smooch up for it.

Equivalently, for Obama, a supreme court justice is a good justice if he (or the Hispanic, protestant she) has “empathy”. Note: it is not enough to be a decent human being (with the considerable academic and professional qualifications) to be a good supreme court justice. You also need to know what it’s like to be “a young teenage mom”, poor, African-American, disabled, or old. No need to know what it’s like to be a middle-aged, white Jew with plenty of money but no kids? More than that: this would probably disqualify you from consideration. A judgement made reasonably on the basis of the law, respecting the Constitution and juridical tradition, is not good enough. It has to be partial, favouring whoever the liberal elite likes best in any given case. In short, in Obama’s world, Justicia is an identity-politics hack, blind only to justice.

Just in the same vein, the handling of scientific findings is “ideological” if The Great Obama doesn’t agree with it. It is not possible that someone has actually made a reasonable decision based on facts and honestly took into account ethics and the society’s morals. That is only the case when Obama says that it is so. And then it doesn’t matter whether we’re looking at the most ideologically warped policy based on half-truths that steamrolls ethical and moral caution voiced by those who Obama considers his political foes. If President Obama decides that using tax money to finance the destruction of human embryos for scientific purposes it is not only no reason for a heavy conscience but even the only humane thing to do. But above all it is “sound science”, even if the nation is kept in ignorance over whether a president’s pay grade is finally enough for Monsieur Obama to decide whether an human embryo is a human life or not.

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