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For the Party of Equality That’s Different

May 9, 2009

Monsieur McCormack The Weekly Standard is wondering why lefties aren’t demanding Nancy Pelosi’s resignation:

Right after Obama released the interrogation memos, John Podesta, the head of the Center for American Progress and Obama’s chief transition adviser, called for the impeachment of federal judge Jay Bybee, who signed off on the memos while at the Justice Department. “Bybee has neither the legal nor moral authority to sit in judgment of others,” Podesta wrote in a letter to House judiciary chairman John Conyers.

So here’s the question: Do people who believe that harsh interrogations were gravely immoral and violated the law think that Nancy Pelosi retains the moral authority to serve as speaker of the House? Based on the 2007 Washington Post story, Porter Goss‘s testimony, and the latest CIA memo–which reports Pelosi was given a “Briefing on [Enhanced Interrogation Techniques] EITs including use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah, background on authorities, and a description of particular EITs that had been employed”–don’t opponents of ‘EITs’ think it’s time for Pelosi to go? [Emphasis original.]

Of course we know the answer to that. This episode is useful to estimate how large really is the gap between the two standards the left is using to assess their own actions on the one hand and the right’s actions on the other. If you are one of them not only will you be forgiven the trespasses someone from the right would be persecuted for but you can even go much farther than that and still not face any criticism from your own ranks. After all, what is worse: okay-ing enhanced interrogation techniques or okay-ing enhanced interrogation techniques and then call for the heads of others for okay-ing them?

How far do you have to go in order to reach the limit of the ‘one of us’ double standard? It probably depends very much on how useful you are for the pack. Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich, for instance, wasn’t useful enough to be spared the fate of being sacrificed in order to protect the president’s varnish from getting scratched. Mme Pelosi, in her position as the hyper-partisan majority leader of a highly unpopular House of Representatives seems to be more valued by the MoveOn.Orcs and their ilk.

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