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Rush to Failure

May 10, 2009

Remember the billboard the DNC has made a few weeks back which was supposed to be a witty retort against Rush Limbaugh’s criticism of President Obama? It said “Americans didn’t vote for a rush to failure.” Yeah, I know, pathetic. Anyway, the French Cowboy thinks that our young, energetic, super-cool president should be the one to take the message to heart. He seems to be in an awful hurry to ‘remake America’ and the odds are that trying to implement bad ideas in an artificial haste makes them even worse than they are in the first place.

Obama announced a 1-year deadline for the shut-down of Gitmo without having any idea what to do with the almost 300 detainees still locked up there. Making himself look good – and now – is just more important than allowing a national security issue to be dealt with without undue time pressure. He signed a $787 billion spending plan into law before members of Congress, nor anyone else it seems, have actually read it. The money has to be spent by overwhelmed local administrations in a hurry if they don’t want to risk having to return it. And we all know that bureaucracies work best when they have to work quickly and that they would never spend money on senseless projects just for the sake of spending it.

Now President Obama wants Congress to come up with a ‘save credit card users from themselves’ bill so that he can sign it on Memorial Day. Talk about a PR stunt. Never mind that new rules for credit-card businesses have already been crafted and will be going into effect next year. The president needs an issue that will make him look like he’s fighting for the little guy, and mañana!, so write a bill that will stick it to a group of fat cats already. (After all, it’s entirely the banking industry’s fault if some people think financing their credit-card debts with credit-card debts is not going to make things worse.) Anyone else got the feeling that the president regards Congress to be a bill-vending machine he can throw a coin in any time he needs a law to make himself look good?

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