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Wasn’t There a Second Party Somewhere?

May 11, 2009

Democrats are going to have an easy time imposing cap-and-trade regulations on American industries if voters are kept in the dark about what this policy actually is:

Given a choice of three options, just 24% of voters can correctly identify the cap-and-trade proposal as something that deals with environmental issues. A slightly higher number (29%) believe the proposal has something to do with regulating Wall Street while 17% think the term applies to health care reform. A plurality (30%) have no idea.

24%! That’s worse than random guesses! On the other hand, the 29% who think that it has “something” to do with Wall Street are closer to the truth than they’re probably aware of – and closer than the 24% who “correctly” chose “environmental issues”. But if such large portions of the electorate are uninformed about a bill the Democrats are pushing for and that will make the overwhelming majority of voters worse off in terms of cost of living, it’s safe to say that Republicans are not doing their job.

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