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The Five Dees

May 12, 2009

Because the GOP is having such a hard time to do it on their own, William Kristol has made some preparations for an attack on Obama’s list of bad ideas in identifying five vulnerable parts that should prove to be fertile ground for Republicans to exploit. And for extra convenience they all can be described by a word that begins with the letter ‘D’:

DEBT: “[A]re Americans fine with next year’s deficit of $1.3 trillion on a budget of $3.6 trillion? […] The debates over Obama’s budget in Congress this fall, followed by the unveiling of his fiscal 2011 budget in February, should give Republicans a chance to bring Obama’s big spending and big borrowing plans into focus.”

DEFENCE: “It’s one thing to run deficits to fight wars and defend the country. It’s another to throw money at everything except defense and to increase the national debt while skimping on defense spending over the next several years, to the point where such spending will be, by 2016, at its lowest percentage of GDP since before World War II. Is the world really the safest it has been since the 1930s? Is it responsible to declare a peace dividend when we’re not at peace?”

DIPLOMACY: Kristol suggests that an assessment of the benefits – and the costs – of “Obama’s charm offensive” towards Iran, Russia, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, etc can be made early next year.

DETENTION: “Guantanamo feels more and more like the Panama Canal Treaty in 1977-78, a perhaps mostly symbolic issue that caused terrible political problems for both the Democratic administration and Democrats in Congress. The difference is that the issue of detention and interrogation is more central to the ongoing war against the jihadists than the Panama Canal was to the Cold War.”

DOCS: “Everyone likes the idea of reform, but most Americans remain quite satisfied with the quality and accessibility of their own health care, and very worried about policies that would impair that quality or access. [T]he Obama plan can be fairly charged with endangering both[.]”

The French Cowboy agrees that all five of these areas are highly vulnerable to attacks by the opposition. This is because a majority of Americans, when properly informed about what is actually going on, will likely disagree with the Obama administration’s ideas of what is good for the country.

I would also include the cap-and-trade plan because it will increase every American’s living expenses in exchange for a negligible tilt towards ‘greener’ industries at best and wealth redistribution from consumers and most producers to the government, including many opportunities for fraud, corruption and collusion, at worst. But how to label this with a word that begins with ‘D’ the French Cowboy isn’t sure. ‘Distribution (of your money)’? ‘Dumb (idea)’? ‘Deceit’ as in ‘If you don’t pay more for virtually everything you buy it will kill the polar bears’? Ah, this is not getting any better. Maybe that is why Monsieur Kristol didn’t include it in his list. But Republicans shouldn’t let themselves be discouraged by this. They don’t need the alphabet to take sides with them in order to be an effective opposition.

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