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Rice: It’s OK to Admit We’re Just Human (Rights Abusers)

May 13, 2009

Susan Rice, Obama’s ambassador to the UN, seems to think that the so-called UN Human Rights Council is something like ‘Human Rights Abusers Anonymous’ and that the US definitely had to join them. At least this is what the French Cowboy reads from her comment on the decision:

“Obviously there will always be some countries whose respect and record on human rights is subpar. We have not been perfect ourselves[.]”

Yeah, that’s just the right attitude. Americans should really exercise some humility here. How do they think they can justify their haughty attitude towards such stellar human rights champions as Cuba and the People’s Republic of China anyway.

The French Cowboy is curious though: Considering the above-quoted line, who is supposed to believe that the US delegation will be composed of people who have the guts to genuinely defend human rights on the council rather than timidly nod at some dictator’s minions’ hypocrisies? Isn’t it more likely that a bunch of Susan Rice types will sit there fearing to come across as arrogant if they disagree with, say, Saudi Arabia’s perspective on the treatment of women? Doesn’t Rice’s comment betray a ‘nobody’s perfect and least of all are we’ attitude that will only embolden genuine human rights abusers?

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