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The Cruelty of Food Snobs

May 16, 2009

This is one of the most idiotic things the French Cowboy has heard about in a long time:

Last month, Michelle Obama visited Miriam’s Kitchen, which serves the homeless in Washington, D.C. She ladled out mushroom risotto to the men and women waiting in line, had her picture taken, and talked about the importance of volunteering to meet the growing needs of families around the country. The trip to Miriam’s Kitchen was received as a very good thing — a very first-ladylike thing to do.

But the first lady’s visit wasn’t just about the needs of the homeless; it was also very much about the food itself. In a Washington Post article covering the visit, one Miriam’s Kitchen official explained, “If anyone brings us donuts, Steve [the chef] throws them away. . . . It is not good food for our guests. We care too much to give them anything but the best. […]” [Emphasis added.]

You can only imagine how grateful the homeless who visit that soup kitchen are to Steve for filtering out those poisonous donuts from their food options. But how can the staffers of Miriam’s Kitchen be satisfied as long as they have not closed down those homeless shelters that are not built according to feng shui rules?


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