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What Are a Few Thousand Human Lives If That Means You Can’t Save a Polar Bear?

May 20, 2009

The Great Obama has succeeded again! Or put differently as by Democratic Rep. Markey: “President Obama has solved the energy and economic policy equivalent of a Rubik’s Cube”! By this Monsieur Markey means that Barack “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks” Obama’s legendary negotiating skills alone have solved one of the biggest problems this generation faced (note the past tense). Just as closing Gitmo was as easy as signing the executive order that says that it has to be closed within a year, achieving arbitrarily set mileage-per-gallon and emission standards is accomplished by inviting automakers for a secret meeting in the White House and make them agree to reach those standards within a specifc time frame. You see, all it took was a charismatic leader like Monsieur Obama to convince the industry of doing what is best for themselves and the planet in general.

The drawback, of course, is that lower fuel and emission caps aren’t necessarily going to reduce either the demand for oil nor the emission of so-called pollutants because consumers have a history of reacting to greater fuel efficiency by driving more. (And, yes, expect the next cap to be on how many miles you are allowed to drive.) Nor are they going to actually have a more than negligible positive effect on ‘the environment.’ What they are going to do, though, is increase the price tags for new cars as well as the number of deaths through car accidents because smaller, more ‘environmentally friendly’ cars are less crash resistant than the ones which were the standard before Obama solved the Rubik’s Cube.

But all is well, you say, because the auto industry has accepted the deal. Isn’t it nice to see that government and the private sector are working together so harmoniously, agreeing on making an effort to save the environment? The French Cowboy has to destroy your bubble, because a bubble it is. GM and Chrysler are practically owned by Obama now. And as for the other car makers, they didn’t really have the option to say no to Monsieur Obama’s new standards either. They would’ve become the target of populist smear attacks the way AIG, Oppenheimer Funds, and other businesses had. Because being irresponsible with car drivers’ safety is more politically acceptable than emitting a gas which according to the doctrine of the Church of Green kills polar bears, car makers were happy to pledge reducing emissions. That the connection between more ‘environmentally friendly’ cars and motorist deaths is backed up with data while the link between so-called greenhouse gases and the happiness of polar bears isn’t is of no importance. As every consumer of Disney movies knows: you only have to believe.

There’s a word for this type of “secret conversations” the administration had with the car makers. They’re called collusion: two parties coming together in order to make an agreement to the detriment of a third party. Obama has colluded with the auto industry at your expense. You will be the one being offered small, unsafe cars for a higher price than for the gas-guzzlers you would buy if they were still on offer because President Obama cynically exploits the beliefs of the Church of Green for his personal agenda of expanding his own power. But let’s not reach any final conclusions before a week or so has passed without one of the automakers telling the press that there has been a misunderstanding and that the agreement wasn’t to meet the new standards until 2016 but until 2116.

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