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Let Fly!

May 21, 2009

Jamie Fly points out the discrepancy between the Obama administration’s rhetoric on their commitment to “keep the American people safe” and their eagerness to downsize missile defence systems and other defence projects while Iran and North Korea are sending out warning shots. This anachronistic behaviour even compelled Democratic Rep Obey to utter some worried thoughts, to which Monsieur Fly notes: “Congressional Democrats have a long history of slashing missile defense, so something is seriously wrong when people like David Obey begin to look like national security hawks in comparison to the Obama administration.”

Indeed, the Obama administration’s plan to cash in a peace dividend during times of war is something they should be asked to give a good justification for. This would be hard to do even if the administration had shown fiscal restraint in other areas. But given their willingness to throw money after pretty much every problem from Acorn to the Palestinian Authority to zoonotic diseases it might well be impossible to justify their fiscal priorities.

Evidently, Monsieur Obama’s belief is that bad people can be kept from nuclear weapons through signing non-proliferation contracts. It is thus not surprising that he also thinks that missile defence systems are unnecessary expenditures. What he doesn’t seem to realise is that lying on one’s back and saying, “Hey, look, I’m really harmless!” invites aggression, not imitation. On the other hand, much harm can be averted through letting trouble makers know that any missile they will fire into the wrong direction will be shot down. Here’s hope that Obama will learn this the easy way.

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