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The Rule of Flaw

May 22, 2009

To make an understatement, let’s just say that the French Cowboy is très annoyed by President Obama (and his AG Eric Holder) continuously claiming that they are abiding by ‘the rule of law’ and ‘our American values’ while President Bush allegedly didn’t. Those accusations against Obama’s predecessor are not only as base as they are baseless, they are also straight out of the way-out-there-left’s anti-Bush hysteria. They make Obama sound like a member of the Angry Left and this certainly doesn’t gain him any sympathy points from the overwhelming majority of Americans. But it seems that he just can’t help himself. So maybe he really is just a member of the Angry Left.

And consider what President Obama has done to the housing market, Wall Street and the auto industry. From mortgages to salaries, from ownership to bankruptcy law, is there any type of contract Obama hasn’t broken? And remind me again, what type of Supreme Court Justice Monsieur Obama is looking for? Someone with empathy? Is that then called ‘The Rule of Law Plus’? Is that what Obama means when he talks about ‘the rule of law’? Is this why he evokes it so often while he wants to treat some illegal combatants during a war more as if they were garden-variety criminals with US citizenship but isn’t squeamish when it comes to executing poor schmucks in Pakistan with predator drones? Is that the difference? Some deserve more empathy than the others? Or does it, peut-être!, have more to do with, um, politics?

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