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Leader of the Free World Busy Dismantling It

June 3, 2009

The Iranian regime can have its nuclear bomb power, the Palestinians receive $900 million dollars, the Chinese don’t have to worry about human rights, the Russians can wreak havok in their “traditional sphere of interest”, the Saudi King gets a bow, Mubarak gets a pat on the back, Chávez gets a buddy handshake, Ortega can vent his anger, the Europeans are given a series of apologies, the “Muslim world” is offered one friendly speech after another, Prime Minister Brown is given a bunch of DVDs. The only nation on this planet that is getting heat from the Obama administration is Israel. – Foreign policy? Check.

Yet those who fight against the repressive regimes they are suffering under in Cuba, China, in most Muslim countries and other places get nothing but discouragement from The Great Obama who keeps on babbling about “our values” without seeming to know what they are. What is more American than liberty? What is more American than being an ally with those who stand for democracy and freedom? Instead of using his widely praised “gift” of a silver tongue to speak up for freedom from oppression and tyranny Obama acts as if he wanted to win a popularity contest with the ruling classes of the world as a jury. He rejects all responsibility by blaming Bush, does the contrary of what he says he does (fiscal responsibilty, running Chrysler, etc) and basks in media adulation while behaving like a nouveau-riche.

Evidently, President Obama doesn’t give a [fill in what you want] about what is going on in the rest of the world as long as he can realise his major overhaul of America that, listening to him you might think, must be long overdue. Away with the old America! Here comes the new America! An America where laughing children wave their unmarried parents of various genders and with PhDs good bye before they take the high-speed train to their energy-saving public school in which they learn that the life of a terrorist is of greater value than the life of a baby who survived an abortion attempt. An America where people drive to their jobs in the public sector in 2-seaters, powered by organic soy beans when there are any left over from breakfast. An America which doesn’t need a strong military because everybody knows it wouldn’t hurt a fly. An America in which there are no suffering people because effectiveness studies have shown that shortening a sick person’s life is very cost-saving. With this prize in sight who would let oneself be seriously bothered with foreign policy?

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