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Cutthroat Emission Cuts

June 7, 2009

Because in the Age of Obama all nations are equal, China can tell the West to jump and America asks how high:

China, in a document recently delivered to the United Nations, called on developed nations to cut emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. Legislation currently making its way through the U.S. Congress pledges a 17 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2020 from 2005 levels. The European Union has promised reductions of 20 percent below 1990 levels or 30 percent if more developed countries sign on.

Indications in Beijing suggest China might be flexible as long as the U.S. pledges to make deeper cuts, but that has not yet happened.

[…] China has made it clear that it will not accept mandatory carbon emissions cuts. Instead, it says it will follow the path set out by 2007 Bali climate talks that allow developing countries to make nonbinding cuts through what are called “nationally appropriate mitigation actions.”

In the rest of the story you can read how Senator John Kerry – whom Rush Limbaugh correctly names in combination with the adjective “haughty” on a routine basis – is totally engaged in working with China to help them cut their carbon emissions without allowing petty considerations like human rights to “interfere”. It’s mind-boggling to see Democrats rile against allegedly dog-eat-dog capitalism yet eagerly pursue man-eat-man ‘environmental’ policies.

But even with Monsieur Kerry’s diplomatic skills which, the French Cowboy has no doubts, must be outstanding, it will be hard to convince China to reduce their carbon emissions as long as the US doesn’t make a serious effort and reaches that “moral high ground” a nation in the Age of Obama must have before it has the right to tell another nation what to do. (You might recall that the Obama administration is currently attempting to find such a moral high ground before they dare suggest to North Korea or Iran to reconsider their plans of building a nuclear weapons arsenal in order to take the planet hostage. An exception to the rule is, of course, the nation of Israel: you can always dictate to “a friend” to stop all “natural growth.”)

Just listen to this:

Leading Chinese climate-change strategist professor Pan Jiahua of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said he didn’t think the Chinese position of a 40 percent cut was “radical” and that developed countries need to take the lead to give the rest of the world confidence in making their own commitments to cut emissions.

“The U.S. could do a bit more than you would imagine,” Mr. Pan said. “Energy efficiency [in the U.S.] is not the highest in the world, building efficiency and car efficiency is low. The transport system is based on the individual. A change of lifestyle is needed. If you don’t have strong signals, people won’t take action.”

Car efficiency is low and the transport system is based on – gasp! – the individual! But don’t worry, Monsieur Pan, President Obama is fully in agreement with you: a change of lifestyle is needed. And the Obama adminstration is working overtime to accomplish just that. It is no secret, by the way, that President Obama is quite jealous of Beijing’s infrastructure. There is also a rumor going on that Obama’s campaign slogan for 2012 will be “Obama/Biden: Let’s be more like North Korea – except for the nuclear weapons of course!”

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