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Obama’s Me-dom Agenda

June 13, 2009

Over at The Weekly Standard Blog Monsieur Hayes calls on President Obama to give the Iranians who are not fooled into the 60+% win of Ahmadinejad some verbal encouragement in spite of Moussavi not being much of an improvement to the incumbent:

[Obama] does not need to call openly for an uprising, but he should be taking the accounts of reporters and our intelligence operatives in Iran and broadcasting them to the world. He should be amplifying the voices of the Iranians who have, once again, been deprived of any say in how they will be governed, and using them to pressure the Iranian regime at a time when it is plainly very fragile.


When Barack Obama was elected his supporters promised that his foreign policy seek to effect important change in the world without using force, that he would deploy soft power – or, as Hillary Clinton put it during her confirmation, “smart power.”

Now is the time.

The French Cowboy agrees with Monsieur Hayes that now would be a good opportunity for President Obama to show his support to the Iranian people rather than the freedom-stifling regime they are governed by. But, honnêtement, I find it very unlikely that such a thing will happen. Obama wants to get along with who ever will be the official head of state in Iran, not with the powerless people longing for basic democratic rules to be abided by. And from the looks of it the future Iranian leader will be the past Iranian leader: Khamenei-elected Ahmadinejad. So wagging his finger at the obviously fraudulent election is not going to gain Obama favour with the persons he wants to have diplomatic meetings with.

As far as I can tell there is no sign of courage in Obama’s character. (Hubris? Yes, but not courage.) Yet there is an evident wish to appease America’s worst enemies and not to provoke them at nearly any cost. Consider that Obama decided to make hardly a peep upon the killing of Private William Long – apparently for fear of creating bad vibrations shortly before his heal-all-wounds speech to ‘the Muslim world’ from Cairo. If a Commander-in-Chief is too chicken to openly condemn and bemourn the senseless assassination of a young soldier in front of a recruitment centre then I wouldn’t expect him to publicly side with a cheated people against their oppressors.

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