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How You Know It’s Not Batman

June 23, 2009

When he sticks around to be adored – and for something he hasn’t done. Goldberg writes:

I had thought about writing a column about Chuck Todd’s comment on Meet the Press last Sunday. He reported that Obama officials are “frustrated that they’re not getting credit for what’s going on in Iran.…they think that Cairo speech did help supporters of Mousavi sort of see light at the end of the tunnel in their country. And so they would — they want a little more credit here for . . . helping to spark the enthusiasm that you’re seeing in…seeing some sort of change in Iran.”

The French Cowboy is fully sympathetic to Monsieur Goldberg’s impulse to comment on this statement which is either maddeningly conceited or outrageously cynical, but in any case fantastically shameless. Goldberg refrained from writing his column on this, he says, because one administration official on the record with such BS is a bit thin of a ground to stand on. But then Goldberg discovered a Washington Post‘s article which shows that the trickle-down effect works with narcissism in the White House:

But privately Obama advisers are crediting his Cairo speech for inspiring the protesters, especially the young ones, who are now posing the most direct challenge to the republic’s Islamic authority in its 30-year history.

A senior administration guy is quoted saying:

“I was struck in the aftermath of the president’s speech that there was a connection. It was very sweeping in terms of its reach.”

And the irreplaceable Monsieur Gibbs:

Asked Friday whether the administration believes Obama’s outreach to Iran and the Muslim world is affecting events on the ground, press secretary Robert Gibbs said, “You’re witnessing something that many people might not have presumed or imagined . . . just a few — even a few weeks or a few days ago.”

Dis-moi: Are these people for real? Do they really believe the stuff they wished their audience bought or are they only trying to milk the situation for a maximum of political brownie points to salvage those their boss lost for his embarrassing, pseudo-neutral stand (if you can call it such) on the chaos in Iran while fully aware that they’re lying through their teeth? In any case it’s hard to say which would be worse.

Let me also use this opportunity to express my dissappointment on the little gratitude the French Cowboy is receiving for the sunny weather today, because, as you all surely know, the sunshine is thanks to my friendly waving at my neighbour yesterday. Because, you see, I just tried a completely new approach. (Never mind that I blocked her letter box with my car today.) One might assume that a few animated thank-you e-cards would be in order, at least, but apparently we live in an age of ungratefulness. The French Cowboy certainly knows the frustration Chuck Todd and his colleagues are experiencing. I’m confident, though, that with a few more Obama speeches this great evil of our times will be reverted as well.

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