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Obama Votes for the Dictator

July 2, 2009

The French Cowboy has been busy exploring a state-run health care system from the unfortunate perspective of the patient these last days so I’m late on this. But just to be on the record with pointing out the contrast between Obama’s reaction to Iran and to Honduras respectively: On the one hand Obama says he doesn’t want to seem “meddling” with Iranian affairs and on the other, as soon as a power-grabbing, constitution-trampling Chavez ally is removed from his position as the president before he turns Honduras into a dictatorship, Obama demands him to be reinstated. Isn’t that sort of the Hondurans’ business, aren’t they just “trying to have a debate about their future”? What blatant inconsistency! – and yet how blatantly consistent! After all, Obama managed to be on the anti-democracy side in both cases.

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